Bob Rice

Producer, guitarist, sound designer, engineer, and teacher, Bob Rice has spent the last 30 years in the LA area, and abroad, gainfully employed in music production, tv, and film.

Throughout his career, Bob has worked as a touring keyboard technician, synth programmer, sound designer, midi systems designer and/or digital playback engineer, in the studio or on the road with: Neil Young, Frank Zappa, Roger Waters, Michael Jackson, Bonnie Raitt, Chick Corea, Paul Simon, Simon and Garfunkel, Bette Midler, Lyle Mays, Stanley Clarke, Van Dyke Parks, Brian Wilson, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, George Michael, Bon Jovi, Michael McDonald, Boz Scaggs, Spinal Tap, Little Feat, Jane Siberry, Regina Spektor, The Whispers, Babyface, and Milli Vanilli, among others.

In the studio, Bob has acted as producer, production manager, co-producer, tracking and mixing engineer, music editor, mastering engineer.

Bob has contributed synthesizer programming to a number of Grammy Award winning recordings, including Frank Zappa's "Jazz From Hell", and "Civilization Phaze III", Chick Corea's "Light Years" and “Five Peace Band - Live”.

In 2019 Bob co-produced, acted as the right hand to the composer, contributed custom synthesizer voices, built a composers keyboard / tracking / editing system, and provided additional engineering to Lyle Mays posthumous release, “Eberhard” (Grammy winner for Best Instrumental Composition at the 2022 Grammy Awards)

Bob recently completed a North American tour with the brilliant singer/songwriter/pianist, Regina Spektor and Norah Jones, acting as stage manager, guitar, and keyboard technician, and midi/synth programmer to Ms Spektor.

Bob maintains his own studio, in Culver City, CA, where he provides music production, sound design, mixing for music and film, audio editing services, transfers, digital restoration, mobile recording services, and CD mastering.

Bob also teaches guitar, mandolin, and consults on music technology.

It's impossible to summarize the artistry that Bob Rice brings to a project. He has been a joy to work with on every single thing we've done. From studio/computer/synth rig design, implementation and trouble shooting to tracking, mixing, and mastering. Live or in the studio, Bob has a complete grasp of the technical while never losing sight of the big picture. He understands sound design from the micro to the macro."
Lyle Mays (composer • keyboards) – Pat Metheny Group